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Stella students hired by SunExpress!

In recent years, SunExpress, the Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines joint venture, has selected a large group of Stella graduates who are flying happily in Turkey. Sunexpress operates a young fleet of 25 Boeing 737-800s with an average age of just 5.3 years old. S... Read more

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45 Stella students hired by Sunexpress

After several weeks of intensive training and selection procedures which were done by our training partner Stella aviation International in Maastricht we now have some great news:This week 45 Stella students are hired by Sunexpress in Turkey!

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Congratulations we are so proud of you

Last week we reported that recruiters from SunExpress have been visiting Stella aviation academy in Maastricht to select 58 candidates for a job as a pilot. We would like to congratulate Daphne, Cynthia, Bart, Simone, Rik, Lucien, Jasper, Wei, Stephen, Ren&eac... Read more

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Paul Habets, first officer bij SunExpress

“Eigenlijk wilde ik helemaal niet altijd al piloot worden. Maar, sinds begin middelbare school nadat ik een documentaire op tv gezien had over piloten is mijn interesse in het beroep echt aangewakkerd. Na mijn schooltijd heb ik er werk van gemaakt en ben... Read more

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First Stella pilots sign contract with LionAir

Stella aviation academy, one of the largest European flight training schools, expands its network of airlines where graduates fly. Last week, the first ten graduate students of Stella signed a contract with Lion Air. After completion of their type-rating on a ... Read more

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In recent years Stella graduates have found a job as a professional pilot at various airlines including the following airlines, either on their own or through contacts of Stella aviation academy.

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Career as a pilot

Stella Aviation Academy graduates work for respectable airlines such as Ryanair, Transavia, LionAir, Pegasus and SunExpress. Close contacts with airlines, a high acceptance rate and the good DLR- pass rate provide Stella graduates with ample opportunities.

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Stella in the news

A group of 25 Stella graduates found a job as First Officer at the Turkish airline SunExpress through Stella pilot provisioning. Paul Habets is one of them.

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Stella aviation academy opens school in Turkey

At Dalaman Airport in Turkey Stella has opened a new flight school to meet the great demand for qualified pilots in Turkey. Since 2008, Stella already supplied multiple Dutch graduates to different companies in Turkey, but the preference of the authorities is... Read more

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